Manufacturers and Supplier 

What do I need?
Where do I get them?
How much do supplies cost?
Who pays for them?

Manufacturers and Suppliers
are NOT the same. 
Read below to find out who does what!


Manufacturers design and produce ostomy products, but your supplier (a completely different company) is responsible for getting them to you.

There are literally hundreds of ostomy products available, and the choices can be overwhelming. Your surgeon/and or ostomy nurse will help you choose supplies (appliances) based on your individual needs.  All products will have the manufacturer's name and an identifying number (for example Hollister Convex Wafer 14906.) Be sure to write your information down, in case you want to order additional supplies on your own.

If you have insurance, ask your carrier which supplier they want you to use, and your doctor will write out a "prescription" which will need to be updated every year.

If you have Medicare or Medicaid, be sure to check to see which suppliers they honor (check our pdf. section for a master list).

If you do not have insurance, or your benefits are not sufficient, there are low cost suppliers based on your ability to pay. You (anyone) can also order supplies on-line through Amazon!

Many people find that after a while, they need or want a different type of product. Most manufacturers will be happy to send free samples to try.

In case of an emergency, our organization (OAGO) has an ostomy supply pantry. These items that have been graciously donated by our members and others, and if available, will be provided at no cost. One of the best source of information for new products and for supplier recommendations is your wound care nurse.

OAGO Does not recommend one manufacturer over another. Different products work for different people.

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There are many, many different suppliers. Most suppliers deliver products directly to your door.
Some people have their supplies delivered monthly, some have them delivered 3 or 4 times a year.  In some rare cases, you can purchase products directly, in person, through a local medical supply store.  Before contacting a supplier directly, check with your insurance company to see which supplier they want you to use!

If you don't have insurance, many of these companies also offer special programs at a lower cost.

If you want to purchase products out-of-pocket (especially wise to have extras in case of Florida hurricanes), you can also check on Amazon.

These are just a few (please check with your insurance first!).

Byrum Health Care
Edgepark Ostomy Supplies
Personally Delivered
Parthenon Ostomy
New Hope
Liberator Medical Supplies
Express Medical Supplies 
Nextra Health
Binson Medical

Look online for more!