Visitor Program

You Are Not Alone!

Due to Covid-19, All "Visits" (for now) will be through phone calls or Zoom.

Will I ever have a normal life?
What are appliances, how do I order supplies?
Will I be able to wear regular clothes?
Will I ever be able to go swimming, or biking, or work out?
How will anyone find me attractive?

Why me?

he Ostomy Association of Greater Orlando provides trained and certified volunteers to visit new ostomy patients, before or immediately after surgery. The goal of the visit is to ease fears, answer questions (non-medical), provide emotional support, and in general, present the face of a positive, successful ostomate. Visit requests can be made by physicians, hospitals, family, or patients themselves.

Please contact us for further information:
Phone: 407-603-5088 or E-mail: [email protected]